Welcome into the mind of…..


That is the sound of the door you have opened.

My name is…well does it actually matter? I am anyone, I could be everyone, anyone who has an invisible illness that hides within their brain.

Some call it depression, or anxiety or whatever label you want to put on yours. But it can’t be labelled. It is a feeling. No, a group of feelings all mixed up that turn your body and brains into other things.

I’m not going to put it in a box as everyone’s is different but similar.

I have created this website for me but also for you. Why?

I have suffered from depression on and off since I can remember and I’m nearly 40 years old now. I have read many books, had lots of different types of counselling and discovered loads of things about myself and how my brain acts.

There are many resources out there (and please if you are in an emergency contact the Samaritans or equivalent) but in my experience most of them focus on when one is in an episode or you might come across websites of people who have beaten depression once and for all.

But what about that group in between?

What about the people who dip up and down? How does someone like me actually deal with things that happen before an episode?

That’s what I will be writing about. Partly for me to try and get the crazy shit out of my head when talking isn’t enough, but also for you to see you aren’t alone.

If you do have any suggestions then please do get in contact.

What to start with… I was going to say at the beginning but you don’t need to know that. How one gets into the D club is wide and varied.

So let’s actually start with noticing the signs of depression.