Click, Facebook, Click, Email, Repeat


I am so annoying. I’m sat at my computer “working” but my brain is just not engaged.

For example I started this post at 1633 but now the time is 1643. 10 minutes writing a few words might not seem really terrible, however it’s only taken me 45 seconds to write what I have so far. So for nearly 9 minutes I have been daydreaming.

The title of the post is what I caught myself doing before I thought I might as well write this down as at least that feels like achieving something.

This blog is achieving something though. If I can help one person then it means it wasn’t a waste of time. In fact I do have something decent to share.

Last night I was writing my first post about procrastination. After that I actually managed to work for 3 hours (on and off but mainly on) on one project. So I actually went to bed feeling quite good about myself.

I know, I know, I just shocked myself that I can feel good 🙂

I even got up early this morning to do a few press ups and sit ups. Don’t get me wrong I’m no shining example of fitness but even if it were just 1, 1 is better than none.