Heavy heart

Wanted to write to you today as I don’t know who else to say this sort of stuff to. It’s not dark enough for the Samaritans and too needy for Facebook.

I have a heavy feeling in my left chest area. It could be a number of things

  1. I have been feeling so good recently that this month I’ve reduced my medication to half dose.
  2. I realise I actually have hardly any money coming in after losing a big contract.
  3. My attempts to earn more money by advertising have been a total disaster.
  4. My ex has told my kids that they can’t stay over night at my flat and I don’t know how to fight it.
  5. ┬áLast but definitely not least, I just got an email from my Dad. He is letting me know that he has asked my ex to travel out to see him and his wife for a holiday. The fact he didn’t even think to ask me first has made me feel pretty shit.

I feel like there are some tears hiding behind my eyes. I know that it is ok to feel bad but I’m thinking am I noticing all these things at once becuase of the reduction in medication?

Maybe I should just go back on to a full dose.


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