No dating for me!

Well that was a short lived experience. I managed to avoid the depression from yesterday. Not sure how. Maybe it was the visits to the gym. Maybe as I got some stuff done today.

I have decided to keep out of the dating scene for the moment. I mean I was going on a normal dating site but not finding many women I actually found attractive. So I thought, in my wordly wisdom, I would try a swinging site instead. Well I’m glad I avoided the depression let me tell you. There I was exchanging messages with the sexiest woman on there. She pushed me for what gym I go to. I tried to be playful and boy did that backfire.

Blocked and called a weirdo. All I said was “How do I know you aren’t a crazed convict hanging outside gyms….”

Should I have put a 🙂 at the end. Some sites say never put the 🙂 coz it makes you look needy. I don’t know. I used to be ok with woman but now really bad.

I guess it is a blessing in disguise as I only really want someone to text to who might find me attractive. But at the same time I don’t have the energy or inclination to have a proper relationship.

I mean a sexy woman is fun, really fun but if that’s all it is, is that even enough?

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