Why are you such a malicious cunt?

Why? Why do you have to put the boot in? We broke up coz we didn’t get on. Scratch that. We broke up coz you chose to look for dark motives in all my actions. Regardless of the fact in my head my motives were nothing like the ones you chose to believe.

Nothing was ever good enough for you. You chose to keep your stresses internally but actually took it out on me.

I asked you a number of times if I should stop trying to run my own business but you didn’t say anything.

Hell I don’t even actually know the source of your discontent.
You moaned about where we lived but I felt like I was the only one doing anything to try. You hated your job but always came up with excuses as to why you needed to keep it.

I just wanted us to be happy. Being rich doesn’t guarantee happiness. A big house doesn’t guarantee happiness. Being happy with what you have is the starting point and then we could have grown together.
You always said you would be bitter if I was the one to stay at home with the kids and I guess the fact I had Fridays with D might have made you upset. But it was the cheapest way for us as a family to move forward.
When we did actually split, I thought we could be adult about it but you have gone out of your way to try and turn my family against me by lies.
You are clever. Your lies have a basis in truth but are far from it.

You talk about how angry I get, but never mention how I got to that place.
You talk about bruises on the kids from playing but missing out that they are kids and get bumps with you too.

You think you are above reproach and use my depression as a stick to beat me with.

I should hate you but I don’t. You are a manipulative cunt and I feel sorry for you.

I would never send you this of course because it goes against your idea of reality and nothing would stick.

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